Looking for regions to transfer to

hey all, I’m currently in Escambia, and most factions have very exaggerating requirements such as 10k reputation or like Level 100. I was previously in the Robertson region and it was perfect, but some unfortunate events happened which lead to losing my account. So I was wondering if there are any regions that are pretty active and have good factions that are willing to grind, but without any crazy requirements. (I’m currently in a rank 14 faction, but it’s very inactive)

Move to Lancaster theirs a few factions th at would take you in.

10k rep is a low low low requirement.

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Makes me wonder how much rep you have?

What wave are you now?

4,400 reps

currently in 2A

I’m close to 8k… (Room heats up.)

Over 60k

Send the leader a message. Most factions are always looking for active recruits, and would take someone even if they don’t fit the requirements.

I guess there may be some regions with a surplus of players, but with the game in the state that it’s in, most regions have more factions than the player base can support (Dade definitely does), and unless you’re looking for a top 3 faction, you’ll probably find a home in an active faction even if you’re level 10 or so.

Cough cough yes many mid level active factions just look around. 60 k not bad I know guys with 500 k

Candler is active, factions always looking for new people if you can still transfer there. We have 2 i know that really needs more active players to help boost them up the ranks during events.

Well take ya in Outcasts, just be active. We’re not full. Find us and message me, my name on there is green label, and I’ll send you an invite.

How’s Candler? That’s my original Region. Still Walking Poor on Jenkins, but considering changing regions.

It’s #1 in war, alot of factions moved over to there. I was previously in Montgomery. But we have a good competitive region that we all give our 100%. Still going strong.

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