Looking for rank 1 or 2 faction in wave 1b

Hey there I’m a longtime player looking for a change. I always score over 200k in war and contribute in all fac events. I’m looking for a change to top faction in wave1b. I want compete at the top, something my current faction cannot do anymore.

The top is 1a. Try there.

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I dont wanna go to 1a. I want remain in 1b but for active and competitive top 2 faction in their region.

So you wanna feel like a champ without actually facing them. That’s smart.

You are some kind of special ain’t ya

we all special float down here

You sound like a pretentious knob op

@jkz305 is correct here. If you want to compete at the top, that’s 1A. Don’t be scurrred

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