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The game is becoming more and more disappointing as each week goes on. So I personally like to help people get better at the game and and a byproduct… hopefully spark more interest Now this has been done before but proved to be overwhelming to the great people who created it. Hence it was shut down. I and a few others have created a team building advice room. Where people come in… post an album of their roster… and we advise on possible attack and defense teams. Even weapon and mod suggestions. Where it became overwhelming to the awesome folks in the past is that there weren’t many experts to give advice and of course real life happens. My twist on it is my hope is to have many great team builder people in it. No one set to the assignment… if you happen to have a moment help the guy who just posted his album give him a few suggestions. An open forum if you will. We absolutely do not want chit chat or trolling or any nonsense. This is just to help people out there… again we are not asking for a fulltime job. Just if you happen to have an available moment help someone out there who is struggling. And hopefully with this people will get better and start enjoying the game again. Please let me know if you are interested.


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Thank you for helping the community!


There’s a new Line group open for team building and theory crafting. It’s all player-run and player-supported. I’m there and will help facilitate invitations in the evenings (approx 6PM eastern-midnight).


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Again folks… we are not looking for people who can do it full time… it’s a line group that will be an open forum where whenever someone needs help and you have a moment or an insight you can make a suggestion. If you need help you simply post your roster in in the album’s section. No endless chit chat or trolling. Just helping each other be the very best we can be. In fact after you get your advice your album roster will be erased. If you want help message me with your line id… if want to help message me with your line id lol… this is absolutely a way for each of us to grow as a community… get stronger… and learn!!! Again want help? Message line id. Wanna give help? Message line id lol

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