Looking for new region


As the dust is starting to settle on transfers, I have found myself wanting to leave a long time faction and explore… and other issues with old/new factionmates. So now I’m looking for an active faction in a nontoxic environment. Don’t need to be notorious, ap or fkr type faction, but a top 10 crw faction is all I’m looking for. Thanks everyone


What is your time zone?


EST currently 11:55 am


I have a faction which may interest you!? At this moment in time we are not top ten in crw but that’s due to us not being full we’re currently recruiting and a few days ago had 9 spots available we have a lot of heavy hitters but most are euro so night shift has been killing us so if you interested in joining whilst we’re building back up on me @TysonB


Back up pm me **


We just transferred out of butts region and there is a lot of what I think you’re looking for. A couple high rep factions have came in, but the og factions are still really good. Worth a look IMO.


Nah, a whale just came in and stank the place up by the sound of things


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