Looking for new region not sure how to find one

First thing…

Do anybody know how to join a new region one that start from very start so we get a nice head start and not join where you on it and the age is over one or two month old?. Reason i say this because i just come to sign up today i got another main account but i stopped that one want a fresh start. But the region i join already well established like for the instance it is two months old and everybody say do not bother start from scratch.

Could anybody from scopely please give any advice here thank you. Their must be some way of knowing that a new region opens up just so we can be notified.


They no longer open up new regions to existing players. New regions are only visible to new accounts. I’m guessing too many new regions were overrun by existing players within hours of launch and the experience to brand new players wasn’t great. To find out when new regions are available for you to transfer into, please follow the forum post detailing which regions are available for transfer; when a region is opened for inbound transfer you should be able to join there and start anew as well.

If you want to start brand new in a new region with a new account, you may be able to do so with a second device, by loading your existing account onto the second device. When you launch the game again on your primary device, it will either load a brand new account or reload another old account.


They also went too quick opening regions with English, Portugese,and some other languages without the demand.
They’re likely trying to claw back new regions (or rate of new regions), which is a whole other issue.

Honestly, Scopelys in a tough situation with region movement.

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Hi ladygeek,

I think i understand what you saying thank you. So right now i just loaded new device my android phone started new account and done the tutorial. I loaded into the region and again this the same one as my main account the region are over two months old already. I do not link any facebook or anything to this new account and i wiped my phone of game and install again. I go back and do the tutorial again and same exactly result. I think if correct if you add new regions soon and if i do it that time then i start on brand new region yes?.

Only problem is how we to know the new region open?. I checked the link you post region transfers. Very very confusing for me here sorry lady.

Greets and appreciate this support.

Im on heard region and my friend can’t join me because he’s stuck on lancaster region.

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Here is what confuse me…

They open this many regions but how we know exactly which ones are to be brand new?. This for me is the problem. I did what lady say about the new device got my brand new android phone setup and i load it up keep this in the mind brand new never play the game on this. I do all the tutorial and stuff and it load me into same region on this also the region be about two months old many of the region players say 60 days it been opened. So to me maybe wrong but this seem to be newest region?. So how we know if new regions open up then ?.

60 days old is probably the newest region. Scopely has never announced when new regions are opened.

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Yes at least we figure that one out lady thank you. Even without announcement and maybe just a simple post at the forum would suffice?. They got a region channel already the one you posted but they only add existing regions and those who are locked?.

Be honest here very confusing. I had to come here on the forum as the players at the global chat was trolling me telling me to do things so thank you.

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