Looking for new faction mates

Hey everyone!

We’re a top faction that has recently been bumped to 2nd place in our region. We’re looking for about 2-3 new members to help bolster up and retake first. We already have a strong night crew and are simply looking for a group of players or any individuals who are interested. We also have a great deal of FA tickets saved up for this upcoming FA event.

Private message me here or on line to talk more. Line: jason3tears

If you’ve survived this long to reach top three, then you can continue to survive by looking for recruits yourselves.

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Hey man, I’m just using the forums as a method of reaching out to players I would not usually have access to. Don’t really see why that is an issue :slight_smile:


Inb4 ensueing flame war

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No war after all lol

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Bumped up or down to 2nd place? Are first place faction beatable in AOW?

We beat them a few times this past weekend. But lacked a few good players to continually do so

Still looking for new members if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

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