Looking for new faction in wave 2

Good morning everyone!
I open this thread since, as everyone knows, transfers are coming and I have decided to move region because my colleagues moved to wave 1, and I do not want to go since that would be a return of no return and completely take away my desire to play , so I wanted to know of any faction that needs 2 good reinforcements (since my partner also comes with me) who always contribute, we are completely free, always meet the milestones of events (2,400 points in raids, 3M in level, finish legend phase route, from 50k to 150k in wars). We are in wave 2, and we are looking for a top 1 faction in their region that always fights the top 1-5 of the CRW. Interested parties please contact me by this means.
Have a nice day!

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We’re in Cleburne and ranked 1st. Just in terms of CRW (though 1st in region) we are usually 7th-10th…

We’re possibly recruiting EU zone players, since the US night is a slow fill and good fit could boost the war ranks to top5…

Btw, these two posts are us:

Hey! What a coincidence as we’re looking for a few players. You two sound like a great fit and I would love to chat more with you about it if you’re interested :smile: my line ID is loren5555 if you wanna message me on there. Thanks!

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