Looking For new faction any region

Hello , Looking for a new faction for 4 people

All hit milestones every fac event , all of us was part of a #2 faction in a region before merges broke it apart.

1 Brit & 3 u.s EST time zone

All s9/s9+ teams with best weapons etc

We are not F2P but we are not whales.

Looking For a faction that aims for top 3 in events are full of actives & boots the lazy.


Good luck

the us players, what time zones?

We’re in Core in Mitchell region.
Get in touch - LineID: curlybrackt

We’re in Stephens bud, Line ID: liameeeeh
If you’re interested mate

Send me a message on line @nicko916. Were top faction having some players retiring

U.s are all EST

I direct messaged you, bro. Hit me up there or on LINE.

Inbox, Cheeky!

If you haven’t found a home yet, join Revenge of the Nerds. We are very active and would love to see if we are a good fit for you all.

We are also in Stephens