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Is it possible to have 4 of the same class toons? There is a player in my region that is running lance lead and 4 S class Aaravs. I thought 2 was the max you could claim from the museum collections

Not that I was looking, but they did have him in premier so it may have been possible they spent a lot on pulls & got lucky.

If you suspect cheating report it through the proper channels so the right people can look into it

Can only have 2 s-class
If more report through the right channels.
You can have 2 s-class and almost as many 6* you want

Are they really all S Class? Or just the maxed 6*? Becaus they both look the same. And if they all are S Class than its impossible without cheats as 2 is the max

It’s possible to have 4 6*. Those toons do look like 6* and not S class. But unless you checked that its difficult to confirm

Yeah I checked…they are all S Class

@Wikdlee24 Yes if you suspect anyone of cheating please follow the instruction provided by @Opie
and our team will have a look at the report.

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