Looking for factions to join our region

Is your faction looking to move, but not quite sure where to go? Wanna go where there are more dolphins than whales? A region that shares crits, drops defense & the top factions voluntarily drop war defenses to help the little guys get milestones? If that sounds up your alley, send me a pm for further details.

Why do you want more people in your region? I don’t see AOW coming back anytime soon.

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Yea AOW may or may not be scraped, I am hoping that it will be, but just in case.

Your region bad my region good REEEEE.

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What is a dolphin in this context? Is this like a good f2p player?

Dolphin = a tuna that is politically incorrect to eat

i think it goes minnow, dolphin & whale. Minnows are more of the ftp type, dolphins are spenders but wont sell their wives & kids for a toon.

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not dedicated