Looking for euro asian or aussie timezones

Resurrection a 1b faction top of region and top 3 crw team is looking to add some solid players. Most here have done the woc grind and been to all 3. We are just gonna tune it down a few notches and hang in 1b for the time being. A little more relaxed and a little less spending. We still want to be competitive tho. We are looking to fill our last few spots with players that have the same mind set. Groups of 4 to 6 are welcomed.Euro aussie and asian timezones are our biggest need atm. Hit me up if yall are interested. :slight_smile:

Hit me up on line app… turynn2001113.

Even if you are currently in wave 2 and you are a bit bored and want more of a challenge. This could be a great opportunity. :slight_smile:

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