Looking for best Melee / Green Yellow lead

I don’t know all toons yet, green Gabriel seems to be sooo fine but I might miss some of those, please tell

It would be in that team, by the way I just don’t know who to remove next since they all have their utility and I like them

Lead here or for pure fast camila

with 8% as for green mirabelle non ap lead but sure there is %20 ap to random toon for green.

next best thing is red madison dmg only works vs melee but you still have ap lead.
Anyway dont know your full roster so cant fully help much other then whats up there ^

I’m not sure your getting the point, it has to be Melee or Green/Yellow

Specially with one or more of theses : Impair, revive, blue lifebar so I might remove Elodie or the great Kal

Edit : OK I checked Red Madison, I’ve to specified that I’m looking for PV and DEF as lead bonus since my team is all about defense + high bleeding

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For defence or attack?

Then Sc andrea or laydia Or old green carl. unfortunately dont think there is green/fast lead.

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Sad how green Gabriel seems so much better theses guys, I checked green Carl, I’m not too greedy since I don’t have any lead at all but he soooo gen1like, he has his lead skill and that’s it

u hve’t mension for attackbor def…

Green Abraham is pure melee attack lead.

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I checked… It sucks, I mean, really.

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Abraham doesn’t suck. He’s used on a lot of teams mainly for his lead skill.

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I don’t like him for raids or human stages. Also his heal rush seems to be broken. Not sure right now if Aaron is even better.

OP: If you could catch green Mirabelle from the first league store then try her, there is also another yellow Rick with lead skill available. Otherwise save your tokens and hope to pull Camilla of the 5* wheel.

You could also build a nice green / blue attack team with green Eugene.

I use him on my melee attack team and take down plenty of teams with him, AND his rush isn’t even leveled, the rush is only on level 1.

But yes the healing part doesn’t seem to work, tested it out a few times and I don’t think it healed anybody.

Except I’m not looking for ATT, CRI or damage sharing…

Shall I recap

As lead

As rush, at least one of them :
Healin with second bluebar
I also add ATT/DEF as green Ezekiel 5* version

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Well if you’re looking for a better lead I don’t know what to tell you. You asked for a pure melee lead, I gave you one.

" If you could catch green Mirabelle from the first league store then try her"

What store?

The Abe I use is maxed out + AS / AR and if he heals then only himself though the whole team has lost health, if he heals 2 then just somebody who doesn’t need it the most. That’s why I don’t like to use him.

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Meh that’s why you’d have to bring a separate healer. I personally don’t use a healer on my team because I’d rather just go in with pure attacking characters mainly.

You didn’t mention since how long you’re playing. The league season’s store where they sell special toons each season. The 1st season they’ve had 2 decent lead toons.