Looking for Asian region, more Malaysian, Thai, Japs and Indians. I'm an Indian. Pls suggest



Looking for Asian region where more Malaysian, Thai, Japs and Indians. I’m an Indian. Pls suggest. I’m in terell, s8


hi we are recruiting in our faction, we transferred 2 days ago, ended in 4th place in wars with 10 active players, now we are 20 players, we are latinoamerican though (korean region)


Are you looking for social casual, active casual or aggressive competitive? It’s important to understand what will make you happy to have good recommendations.


Bell, boone, and Colombia are the Asian regions


Go to Boone

The best Asian server

And there are people from Europe Canada in Boone as well

Boone usually champion for Crw


Marion has 2 Japanese factions


I’m looking for active region medium level. Would be nice if all are active


Hey man I like your name. God is great. Which h region you from


Pls mention the region you from. Ty


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