Looking for an opinion: SR Stevens or Jesus?


Trying to find the right words to ask this question, I’ll just say this; between Stevens and Jesus, who’s worth getting? My 5⭐ melee roster is much more diverse and dominant than my 5⭐ ranged roster. Would it be a better investment to keep the melee roster on top or try to get a little diversity in ranged and work my way up? Honestly, I’m leaning towards ascending Vincent first but would it be bad to keep him in queue in favor of Mirabelle? By the time I get the fodder, I’ll have enough markers for one.


If you’re looking for an SR toon, SR zeke is better than those 2.
He’s also still usable in the age of 6*.

Of the 3, I’d say SR jesus is the weakest.


If you want to get the most out of the 2 I would say Doc.

If you have any Absolute Defense weapons with Crit it will go really well on him. If you have 6* Carl as well those 2 are a pretty decent combo.


SR Doc S is great for running SR stages and Faction Assaults with Guardian then crit buff & bonus hp. Biggest issue with SR Jesus is he revives with only 25% hp. Unless you can follow with an immediate heal AR the revived toon is easy meat.


If you’re weak on ranged I would say go for Jesus. Admittedly he is probably the weakest of the three SR toons but occasionally they run road maps & events where you can only use 1 type of character, similar to survival road & there’s no point leaving yourself short in one area just to strengthen one that you’re already strong in.

He’s also a decent crit lead.


I think you the wrong jesus.
SR jesus is the ranged huge ap on being damaged.


Yeah, crit lead was choose your side :+1:t3:


He is. And I have him. But I’m thinking if I should look for someone else to have now that I have OG Zeke. I think I need 5 more MTK to T4 him including the one I have.

Unfortunately, I believe I tried twice for Abs. Def and didn’t get the desired trait. But I do have Rosa and Rosita who can provide +45 and +30 crit respectively for 4 turns. And I can put a Slayer trait that may help. Also, I do not own 6⭐ Carl nor his 5⭐ form. I hope so one day.

The problem with those mainly-require-tough-teammates SR stages is that they require Kenny. My main setup is a combo of Tough/Strong toons who surprisingly, get the job done more than a mixed Tough/Alert team lead by Tripp.

For future reference, this is my 5⭐ roster. AP requirement included.


If you have SR zeke, but four adens… they are more valuable than the other two at this point.


I find Stevens very useful in SR but my yellows were much weaker than my greens and blues. All three SR toons have their place.