Looking for an active region


As the title says , pretty active player in a mostly dead region, what’s out there and willing to build someone up ? Can be in a lower faction to get moving.


My main region Pulaski is a semi-dead region. I joined Bartow region as a backup in case Pulaski dies.

I’m not exactly sure how Bartow compares to all regions, but it seemed bustling with activity compared to Pulaski.

I also have an alternate account in Putnam and they seem to be doing alright.


I joined Pulaski about a year ago but got bored quick


Join some region with a lower currency rate and buy yourself everything from vk. EZ
I’m JK, moderators :wink:



Haha jk

And @Twisty just to be clear I am recommending Bartow or Putnam for active regions. I don’t know if anyone can confirm that.

Although we would love u in Pulaski, I won’t falsely advertise to you that it is an “active region” (I might try that later on tho, because we can use some fresh blood)


Autauga is pretty active. One of the newest regions. There are a few up and coming factions that are challenging the top 10.


Im in Webster and we have very active, competitive factions. My faction alone runs two factions. One for more advanced players and one for up and coming players. Hope this helps


This isn’t jdub from wilcox is it?


Nope, dont play in game with that name lol. Only region I play is Webster


Join Dade


Join Albert region


Colbert is a great region!


Dougherty. Just look at our CRW scores


I would join regions where developers play. You’ll never get butt fkd again (I believe)


Bartow is a region I personally would never join. It’s where a lot of drama happens, where milking started etc. They’re somewhat active, I know a bunch of chill people from there, but the level of drama isn’t something I’d want


Dale is a decent region. Not massively old either. Drop by


Terrell region has shifted to 95% free to play. Easy for any active player to get into a top 3 solo event now, and getting top 3 in war only requires that you actually play


Is that the excuse? :joy:

I’m joking, don’t be offended


Calm down bro, I know you’re here to humblebrag … ease into it


Im in white and i know for sure albert or elbert are really active