Looking for active players (twilight princess)

Currently looking for 1-2 active players to join our faction.

Active Diamond league faction that finished in Diamond 4 last season. We decide in faction events when to push based on rewards. Last crw we finished 4th with 7.05M points which slotted is in 74th overall according to Sly’s list. We finished 1st in our region in the last crw.

We have a great faction with amazing personalities and a mix of free to play and p2p players. We have complete timezone coverage and are constantly looking to improve.

We have great team builders and focus on supporting each other. We always encourage milestones, but also understand when life “happens”.

For more details feel free to pm me on line at linkesus. (The period matters)

We would love to see some new faces in the faction!

What’s the region?


What tillymook mentioned, Blount region feel free to check the region out (:

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