Looking for active players to join us

We have a few spots to fill and looking for people who wanna join this family of ours, top rank fac, 1st in all events, aow we had 100 wins, 1 loss. Crw we are rank 4 or 3, close one atm :smile: dont need to be a whale or spend at all, just need to put up points in events. 100k in wars at least, 2 mil fac level up, legend 25 in SR or gtfo, 1800 in raids is the norm mins here. Inbox me your line ID if you are interested, tho we dont use line app lol im just on the prowl :eyes:

I cant grind for level up and sr tournament but i want to join your faction :cry:

Prob dont want any of the nerds from the forums anyways tbh esp that racoon kid, he a goof :rofl:

Well this is one way to find out you’re going to be replaced.

so im iso a new faction ig

What? I dont understand lol

yeah you hardly do

You must be having a bad day and be on the wrong thread lol youre not making any sense, maybe add more context to your statments instead of rambling on about who knows what and people would be able to understand you :hugs:

I’m in your faction. its full. who they kicking

You of course, im kidding. If you are in my fac then pm me as id like to not discuss things here

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