Looking for active players on Newberry


We’re Still Dead is looking for active like minded players. We recently split from our old faction We’re Already Dead due to lack of activity, we were the most active players of that faction. We are a friendly faction and welcome all active players.


We are in a different region but our guys are active as hell, we recently split from our guys and we have 10 spots available if you would be interested in something like that? Pm on here :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer. We are in a locked region so no ins or outs anyway.


Were are you all ranked I run 14th ranked faction


We just started faction, so reputation is around 16k which is 150. We are ranked in Bronze league #2 right now. Most of our members are all ranked gold in solo leagues ( we are a very small group right now). Looking for active players that want to grow with us.


We still are looking for active members on Newberry, need more like minded peeps.