Looking for active, experienced players for no2 faction - who's up for the challenge?!

Hi all, we got a solid group of players together which likes to play hard. We aren’t whales and we don’t expect you to be. Though we are ambitious and aim to win every event (which does not always succeed lol). We are top 10 in most CRW’s, now looking to make a push for top 5! Activity and being a teamplayer are the key words in our fac, we’re one happy family who play with and for eachother. We’re in an OG region, which has grown since transfers opened. Not too much trolling and we play nice in territories, we share the weapon crit territories(put an easy team in and don’t stack em). It’s competitive here and it is a challenge to fight off the others, though there aren’t any massive whale facs here that kills the competition.

Best scenario is you are in Euro, Asia or Australia timezones, but we will take any other player as well as long as you’re committed to the team and ready to kick ass in wars and fac events.

I got line if you want to talk, just add me: wdralf88

Hi all,

To bring life back to my older topic. Thanks for reaching out, we found some awesome people!

Our nightcrew is sick now, might be our weapon now even lol. So this time we are looking for players from anywhere! US/Canada players preferred now. We are a real competitive group in a fun and fighting region, with a challenge ahead of us, to dethrone the reigning champs. If you’re up for a change and don’t scare away from a challenge, hit me up!

I remember fighting you guys two Crw ago not gonna lie we struggled a little bit lol. Gl to you guys

Hey you can also add me ladygeek.twd on Line and I promise I’ll get you in touch with Ralf. after a brief recruiting message of my own This is just one of many services I offer.

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Ralf is spot on. Good region, active faction. You won’t fret it!

What other services…

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i’m quite helpful in many many ways :angel: