Looking for a new region this summer?!

Well look no further!! McIntosh, an OG region in TWD:RTS welcomes all players, veteran and new! Here in McIntosh, you can join the rest of the misfits in our mission to continue our path of destruction in CRW! Come join an active region who has placed either 1st in all but 2 CRW events as an overall region! We have 4-6 active factions looking to continue to get better, meet new people, and grow! Ever look at Global and cringe at the inactivity?! Well have no fear! McIntosh’s global is full of popcorn eating sessions, story telling, and all around jabber that when you read it, it makes you feel so much better about your current life and sanity!

Here in McIntosh, we offer the following:

  1. A long list of OG players who can provide help to the newer players.
  2. Competition. McIntosh is still one of the more competitive regions for region wars and solo events.
  3. A lifetime front row seat to our Global story time session featuring our very own, Tony aka Ballsdeep! (I assure you, it’s amazing!!)

So come on over to McIntosh! We won’t bite… unless you’re into that kind of thing(we totally are).


Everytime I go to McIntosh it’s all Russians talking

Don’t forget our resident Admin offering 6k coins at a discount rate!!!

I feel like iv just read a holiday brochure


We offer other incidentals such as:

No drama
PWPT sessions and support groups (Pulls Without Premier Toons)
Russian language sessions in global starting at 9 am EST 7 days a week
And our very own concierge aka Admin(He has amazing deals on gold coins)

No breakfast or pool side services?
Do shoulder rubs come included in the support groups?

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I personally give all the shoulder rubs your little heart desires… among other, interesting things…

Err I mean, yes! 60-90 min spa treatments for all who spend more than 3 40 pulls without the desired toon!



You had me at the consolation prize for when I don’t get my toon in multiple 40 pulls :joy:
But please Brucey elaborate on these “other interesting things” :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Henry region is pretty cool.

See I do this cool thing where I deliever a pizza that has extra saus… errr… maybe I should just PM you…

Be my guest

Are there any strippers??

Midget and limbless by request.

Im concerned that tony bites while ballsdeep. Lol

You get used to it. Just tink happy touts!

Want to hear more about the details first. For all we know the transfer will only allow us to move to brand new regions…and all existing regions get locked down if they aren’t already. Was it an assumption we would be traveling to existing regions that are well established/broken/dead?

Geez way to kill my dreams. How rude…

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Scopely will do that to you…

You sound like you’d fit perfectly in McIntosh! We have support groups for salty scopely talks too. We are here for you…

Lol…sounds like my kind of region.