Looking for a new region - new home

Currently in a faction that is diamond 1 and I am diamond 1 in solo rewards.

I am looking for a new region (and new faction) to go to. The region I am in is okay but too many trolls and losers ruining the game in regards to territories and overall nonsense.

Is there an actual region where there are good players that have a healthy territory game (i.e. not walkering territories) and a decent respect for each other instead of F2p whining about P2p all the time.

I am guessing such a region doesn’t exist.


Not walkering territories? Doubt you’ll find a region like that anywhere. But my region is pretty solid. Everybody treats each other with decency and respect besides the local Global Chat creep, there’s defense dropping for milestones in war, and the factions are awesome, as they actually communicate and make you feel at home. There was a recruitment competition for regions to show their stuff and attract new residents some time ago, but I was too lazy to put up an ad or anything. :man_shrugging: Anyhow, come to Chattooga, newly open to transfers.

Thanks I will check it out.

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Yep, this is gonna go downhill

Enigma in Bartow

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Ummmm weren’t you in the top faction in Effingham and had a good situation until you left them without saying a word?

Then you went to Barrow where you encouraged players to leave their own factions to create a super faction, and then you left them without saying a word?

Then you actually paid for a key to go back to Effingham just to troll in GC before leaving an hour later?

You burned bridges in two different regions and even shelled out money just to be a troll in one. So you had a good situation in two very chill regions and apparently couldn’t handle it. What exactly are you looking for?


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An hour later? Isn’t there a 10 day cooldown?


Unless he created an alt but somehow he was back in Effingham trolling and then disappeared for good.

What time zone are u?

No. I said goodbye. But cool story bro. I left because I wasn’t going to spend $30 to finish top 100 in events.

I never went back to troll them. I wouldn’t waste my time.

As far as burning bridges, people can think whatever they want. They want to take offense because I didn’t feel like spending, that is fine. As I said when I left, eventually the grind gets everyone.

Thanks for trying to start drama. Class act

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