Looking for a New Region for my Faction

Hey all, I am looking to transfer my faction to a mid level region. Not looking for an old region where factions have 4-5 million in rep, lol. Looking to move by the end of next week before the lockdown. Looking for a mature region that already has a region/leadership line established, crit agreement, dropped def and very low drama.

Plz inbox me via line with yr region chat at jo_twd. Thanks folks!!!

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Which region is it?

Come to effingham :slight_smile: There’s alot of factions here… almost 40+ ~ 50 and only the top4 are higher than 1m rep. Not sure about leadership line but crits are 1st come, 1st serve… kinda messy with crits situation… if they can sort this out… then it would be even greater :slight_smile:

Sent ya line message