Looking for a new Region DE/GER

Looking for new german region/faction

#Very active
#80+ 6* toons
#70k+ honor

I am really looking for an active faction/Region since i was on lee and its pretty dead.

Come to Colbert, we have friendly people and good competition

Looking only for german regions

Try Tuscaloosa. This is the most active German region

You are there? Any recommended factions?

My old faction is there. How strong are you? The best faction there is Phalanx. They are very strong and play in woc this weekend

As i said before 70k+ Honor.
Great Atk Team
80+ 6* Toons to make nice Defteams

70k reputation says nothing^^
There are many factions, I’m sure you will find the right one for you

Would love to contact someone there before changing

Create a mini account in the region and you can check it out yourself

Yeah i will do this