Looking for a new region and faction

I’m ready to explore… I feel like I need a change. Any suggestions are welcome.

Come over to Mitchell.

Miller, come to Miller

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Would you be interested in joining Jenkins?

elmore and pick whatever

I think it depends on your level of play and what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

My whole faction is looking to move. We are (usually) top 10 (Aow). Where we are has been over run by whales and d bags. Used to drop d for raid and share crafting territories but no longer.

Requirements of new region:
Med population
Share crafting territories (not stack w 10 teams)
Dropping D for raid events is useful

PM me with suggestions, as don’t want word getting out if you have a good region :slight_smile:


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Come to Colbert… if you can handle the whales. It’s a big region with active GC.

you need to specify if you guys are top 10 in aow or crw. most regions will welcome a top 10 aow faction whilst not being keen on a top 10 crw one.

That’s some small print conditions right there lol

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