Looking for a new home


Greetings everyone. I am the leader of Cynics Refuge on Escambia. We are looking to move regions! We just arent sure where yet.

There is about 11 of us. After years together and drama involving past factionmates, we have become bonded and essentially became a group package.

We are all f2p, we dont require minimums just participation. All really laid back people who just tries (currently unsuccessfully because of a certain player griefer) to keep to ourselves.

If your region sounds like a good fit for us, let us know! Either pm and let me know, or ask for my LINE and we can chat. And if you really need to, come see us in escambia!


Go to Cook or Ben Hill


I sent you a pm.


If your looking for a laidback region, rockdale is the place to be!


Come to Marion 11 of you all can merger with some1 there we have some half factions looking for people


We have 2 new factions might be looking or a new factions with Marion vets looking for people