Looking for a new game?

A few resident players from the game “Hero Hunters” have decided to open a faction for new players who want to test out the game! The latest update of the game comes with Login Bonuses for the first 7 days after ALL new updates. This means you’ll get rewards (usually tokens to pull characters with) for logging in, so it’s a great time to start up if anyone is interested, seeing as how you’ll be able to do free pulls in the upcoming days.

Here’s a look at what their version of Raid looks like, if I can figure out how to post videos.

Their story mode allows you to grind for character fragments daily. You can also grind for their premier characters by trading “co-ops” with fellow players. Growing in the game isn’t hard as long as you’re active. They have 13 daily missions that reward you with in-game currency and it stacks up very quickly since their in-game currency is also given out in other events. For the holidays, they usually have some kind of scavenger hunt, where you work with the community to find pumpkins, Easter eggs, etc. throughout the game that can be traded in for character skins, character fragments, gear, and other items. There’s more pros to the game but overall, it’s a laid back experience for both free to play and spenders.

A few downsides include, how small the community is in comparison to Road to Survival and their version of War. Their version of war is more strategic than Road to Survival but it’s also less interactive. Less time consuming though so it kind of works out!

When there are bugs, Developers will send out an in-game message almost instantly. Developers also appear in their chat from time to time as seen below with the user Skathi.

Developers are also chatty in their community Discord! It’s a nice experience! A few players from RTS have already made the transition and bring up the game from time to time.

If anyone has played Hero Hunters, what was your experience like? If you’re interested in trying it out and need help, you can contact Raz#7975 on Discord or you can contact me on Line at LCExx.


Looks like a cool game. If you just want a break from rts I also strongly suggest state of survival , need for speed no limits, Jurassic tribes, hungry shark world, Into the dead 2 and twd no mans land oh and tap tap heroes. All are great time killers.


Thanks for the recommendations! Always looking to try out new games :slight_smile: HH is a fun time! Come try it out! I’m around to help anyone that wants to grow. The developers just sent out a massive compensation to all players because of a bug with their Christmas event. Everyone’s getting the holiday skins haha.

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Board Games!!!

The best of the best are cheaper than any promo offer

Gloomhaven (dungeon crawler) $100
Pandemic (global virus chaser) $50
Terraforming mars (engine/world builder… solo option) $50
Dune (war game) $50
Santorini (abstract 3d chess) $30


  • 7 wonders duel
  • patchwork

Cockroach poker
Kids of Catan

So many options… absolutely NO pay to win


I have been looking at that game, how is it?

2 more great zombie games

Tbh tho i have been turned off by mobile gaming as a whole, i will stick to pc gaming mostly


Man(SOS) I like it so far. Good community, you move up pretty quickly. You have loads to do. You build up your settlement, then you go fight the dead and dead mutations. Its kinda funny. And the characters are cool. Gotten 3 so far with minimal effort. They give and give too. You have daily, alliance, special events and regular missions. Its easy to play. State of survival. Yes into the dead 2 is one of my favorite all time games on mobile bc the customer service is truly great and its easy to progress and get cool weapons and pets. Lol. Thanks.

I am going to download state now lol also i rec COD mobile, it is really good, multi, BR and zombies, more zombies maps coming soon, one being tranzit :face_vomiting: still will be fun


Wanting to try CoD. May give it a go.

Can add me and join my clan, i only play zombies tho

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Thanks. I’m going to wait to put it on my new phone. More memory. But appreciate it!

Yea lol youre looking at about 2gb for COD, more when more zombie and multiplayer maps come

A re-skinned final fantasy garbage. Hard pass
Surprised tapjoy wouldn’t pay you to try it


They did, paid well too.

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I got this yoke.

I remember playing that once, was fun actually and pretty easy to get stuff by just playing the game

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Damn it! He’s one of the only characters I don’t have yet. Lucky mofo! Hahah congrats man. If you need an alliance, let me know and I can help you out.

Is it bad that I kind of want to try it now that I know it’s similar to FF? That was my shit growing up lol

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Nonono… don’t get me wrong… not that game… which was awesome…

it’s that very thin appearance of a game with nothing but sales on how to progress… They also only last a year or so before changing themes but not any of the design.
aka. not a game.
Aka. not worthy of anyones attention

SPOILER: if someone is going to pay you a lot of coins to try their “game”… it’s not a game.