Looking for a group to merge with

I’m looking for a social group to merge with before CRW. FTP or P2W, doesn’t matter, just help move the queue. If you’re going to be fighting with half a faction, why not combine and get more wars and better results for everyone? Due to recent transfer locks, I need your group to join mine.


What region are you? And how competitive is the region?

I wanna say she is in Irwin.

Irwin. Listed as medium activity, and from what I’ve seen of other regions, we’re pretty average.

A chance to be with @LadyGeek :heart_eyes: :heart:

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You guys were in the same league last week so why can’t you transfer? isnt it only locked for 10 days

Not sure which faction you’re watching, the one I’m in right now transferred a few days ago.

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Still open for discussion?

Are looking for possible merge?

Yes, but we’re locked. Looking for a group who can move in.

Oh ok well no problem. I’m just trying help a sister faction regrow.

Still looking to fill out - single players, mercs, people who want to combine just for CRW then move along. Quiet region, helpful faction.

I’m in a similar situation but we only need about 9 and won’t be region hopping. So if you hear from a smaller group that doesn’t work out please do let me know. Thank you and sorry for the mini-thread hijacking.

No problem :slight_smile: Nobody wants to move, change is scary.

Only if you pay my transfer…