Looking for a couple aussie/ Asian players

Active faction looking for 2 active players in asian/Australian time zones. Our faction is ranked 3rd in our region. And get 1st in alot of faction events. usually top 25 in crw. PM me if interested line id wickedbarb

Now that’s not nice lol


aussie aussie aussie!

Oh damn! Shame I don’t play anymore! Always hard to find somewhere good that’d take Aussies. Good luck!

Aren’t we all looking for Aussies? Lol. Ya cute little nightshifters.

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Yep! But it’s hard to find a faction that actually values us. You did in NAC, which I’ll be forever grateful for, but I moved a few times and just got abandoned :joy:

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I’m in aus but I’m in Lanier region

We are spread out but need some to help our night crew. That tz us our weakness

Want my guys to have less wait more war lol

We welcome transfers

My best mate ingame is aussie lol

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Awww you’re the best, Jess. Shame you retired.

Yeah, game was just getting stale, you’d moved Pennywise account, game content was getting stale and too P2P for me to keep up.

I would have retired months earlier if it wasn’t for you guys and gals :two_hearts:

Despite being noob, I play 90% of the war

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