Looking for 5 or 6 active players as a group



We have a home in Harris for 5 or 6 actives who want to move together, and stay together. Drop in and say hi or reach out to G22, Lucai, Arsenic or Lance.

We are Umbrella Corp, an active group who have been together for a while. Join us and add to our plan for global domination.

We also like baked goods. And lemurs.


Debating lemur Vs koala after some baked goods, what a night it could be !

Harris is a very active server. Come for the challenge, stay for the family. :wink:


Harris just doubled our activity, currently around 30 active factions. We’re a great group, no requirements other than activity and willingness to improve. We’re a mix of F2P and spenders, but not a whale faction. Always given the big guys a run for their money, but would like to clear some space out for more active players and start competing with the top again. PM one of us for info :slight_smile:


as usual, if you are a group of players usually banding together (wise choice in navigating post apocalyptic world), and want to be in a region with good competitive environment without being a whale (do the above looks like whale to you? meh… they are just dedicated players armed with grit, passion, and love for lemurs and baked goods).

scout us, know us…

“Simply put, there’s a vast ocean of shit you people don’t know shit about. Prick knows every fine grain of said shit… and then some.” — Abrakadabra


Lucai said to PM one of us. Don’t PM me, I only answer to attractive young walkers.


you could just say so. I have a good specific app for that. its called zinder. run right if you are interested and run left if you don’t feel like it. you really should try it and not spend your time just farming for faction assault points.


Oh I tried Boo ! But you can’t disable the geolocalisation and it attracts a lot of brain-lovers. Not the geeky lovers but more meat lovers than I’m comfortable with. And I’m not only farming for FA points but gear ! Need some new clothes for the winter…


You’re a Roman emperor, all you need is a toga and a laurel crown.


tooooGA, tooooGA… if in doubt, we do the party thing too.

Seriously, Harris has had an influx of factions and our activity level is solid. There are three or four mid-to-high level factions that can accept small clusters of players, if you want to stick with friends and are short of a full faction. Oh, and no trolls.


Yeah, no. No more toga. You can’t imagine how cold it is in the Winter. Great during Spring tho…


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