Looking for 4 motivated players

We are looking for 4 players to join us in Coosa. The last few events we have been in the top 3. Lost 2 to inactivity and 2 moved to another region. While not promising we will be the top faction we have a great group that has really came together to push us upward. If interested message me :grin:


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I used to be in coos and I moved to butler which personally I didn’t like then I moved to Jenkins probably the best region out of the 3 just wondering do you remember a player under the name hunter because that would be me. By the way is soulless shadows still their?

Hey there. No but I rarely go in gc so don’t know many players outside my fac.

Former ss member here from coosa. Sadly ss disbanded pre-transfers.

That’s upsetting well how is the region getting on any ways

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