Looking for 1, maybe 2, wave 2 active players

If interested, add me on Line app, my ID is ssinless, i will invite you to the recruit chat so you can get a feel for us. Some important things to note.

We have a schedule for war, you choose the times you can play, we do NOT choose your times.

We use whatsapp for our chats, if interested, you WILL need to join our chats.

We have no desire to go to WOC or whatever scopley calls it, we place top 10 in CRW tho (schedule is amazing)

We are an international family, we have players from Russia, UK, US, Ukraine, Poland, Belgium, Belarus, Etc. As such our reg chat can get crazy but good fun to learn about other cultures, countries, etc.

For FA, we go in an order of 1 by 1. NO free for all.

If any of these are an issue, this is NOT the fac for you, if interested, again, message me on Line app and i will add you to our chat. We can ONLY take wave 2 players as this is what scopely is allowing.

On the flip side, if you’re a wave 2 player who wants to slack and collect rewards for minimal effort, please send me a message. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lololol [this is 7 characters]

Oh!! That was totally a legit post!!!

So many similarities between what we’re looking for!!


We don’t schedule war. It’s basically when you want to jump on or have nothing better to do.

We use Line for our chats. If you’re interested fine, but you WON’T need to join.

We have no desire for WOC either. :joy::joy:

We have an international family as well. No Russians though.

FA we try to go by order. But it usually ends up as someone auto attacking and getting a phone call while they rack up millions.

Other than that, we’re definitely spot on as well.

Sounds like a lot of factions actually and that is fine, just like the organization of this one.

I cant war like that now, the schedule is much better, no fighting for a spot, no asking for a body, non stop war, helps get milestones, etc.

I actually prefer wechat over whatsapp or line app but whatevers. Chat is chat and needed to organize.

WOC is silly.

I love the different cultures and stuff and love to learn about them.

FA order is needed, its not about points, it is just making sure everyone gets a hit so they get rewards, i have come in first and last and everywhere in between so it changes.

The big issue for most is the schedule for war, it is scary at first glace/thought but those who have joined and now understand how it works, prefer it to normal war without a schedule.

Lol. I’m just playing. My faction is actually pretty laid back. We’re mostly like day one players that don’t take the game too serious anymore and just play together for fun.

Best of luck on your search though.

Oh, before I forget, it’s not just people who auto on FA and get millions while getting a phone call. It’s also the ones who’s little brother grabs the phone while they’re asleep and puts up millions by mistake. :slightly_smiling_face:

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