Looking 4 a faction

Hi I am looking for a top faction in wave 2 that focuses on a players activeness not mins I am a very active player but don’t score high in war cause I’m free to play my attack team sucks I usually always get last milestones in faction events except war but I am on mostly all day I usually score around 50-100k in war I am usually in top factions but get kicked cause I can’t put up 200k in war I’m not looking for a faction that takes too 10 every war but I don’t want one that places like 30th or below cause they just ain’t active enough if I would fit in ur faction please let me no thanks

I’m going to recommend Phoenix in Wilkenson (1a) region for you, but I also want to mention that no top faction will want someone who has a crappy team and can only put up 100k. My best advice is that you need to set your bar lower and look for a casual faction, and then move on up as you get better. I believe Phoenix can help you do that, send me a message if interested.

Hi thanks for messaging me I’m kinda trying to stay away from 1a lol to many spenders Don’t hear good things about it for f2p but I will give this a thought thank u

Feel free to send me a message on Line. I’m in a Wave 2 Region and looking for members…

Jeezy1999 (Line ID)

Don’t go to region 1 there are some good factions in my region its wave 2 message me if you want

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