Lookin for new region to call home

I’m currently in forsyth, lookin for new home that’s active and competitive but not aquatic
i.e. not full of whales

Any suggestions?

What wave are you in

If you are looking to transfer and not start fresh, then you will have to wait until late October most likely. Probably best to join the transfer line groups closer to the time regions open so you can talk to other people and get a feel for regions. With Scopely limiting transfers to select windows, it makes planning a transfer very difficult because there are a lot of people looking to move all at once and what might have looked like a good region gets over run or turns to a ghost town.b

Also what wave are you in? That limits your movement as well.

May sound dumb but what do u mean wave like league or what lol

New invention from the TWD:RTS team that you only can move different waves.
And moving your account is for moment closed or do you want to start over completly?

Ahh if you dont know your Wave something tells me you missed your chance to transfer

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Forsyth is wave 1

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