Look well this guy use hack and they don't ban him

Hello, I want to denounce this player since he uses a hack to win tournaments in all regions, right now in the thomas region in the assault event this second with a score of 6000 and is just level 6 and without characters, I attached some images.
they should block the ip of the internet and ip mac of the pc so your pc will be useless and you will not be able to use more.

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I don’t know who the leader is

Can’t believe this guy is still doing this four years later. He’s been hacking and getting banned since day one.


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haha morfeo is back


Morfeo has been banned many times, he just rehacks a new account each time.

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Why dont you spend your Sunday popping the zits on your tush? Suggestion




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Hiya @Serguey_Grishko

#PlayersUnited is a group of players frustrated by the direction of the game.
Noone from #pu has any power to do something about Hacking players like Morfeo (who clearly is a loser)

Hopefully Jb and or @GR.Scopely will see this and track him…again.

Also, John Adams is a sad lil troll who laughs at himself bc noone else thinks hes funny.
So best not listen to a dingus.


Ok, Thanks

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There’s lots of good information in that post; please review all of it.


Ooh this guy is sneaky internet time while moms at Sunday brunch eh?

This guy has been hacking since i started playing the fking game, like 3 years ago holy shit he doesnt have a life

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Similar case on Chilton. Sucks a little bit. image

The only solution is redistribution of the prizes, which is a huge manual effort for the devs

Not if thier system or code was more flexible. All they have to do is flag cheater before rewards given so automatic system skips them and takes next player in line. If that player was not a cheater support can give him rewards later.

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Not like it’s hard to do but cheaters suck lol.Cute the names in red lol.

This, combined with the fact that it is in multiple regions and also that he gets banned all the time, makes me assume that everybody else is assuming the wrong thing…
If he always gets banned then he doesn’t earn anything for his efforts of hacking, so just ask - who really benefits? Not the players who are also trying to get a high score, the hacker himself doesn’t since he’s banned… However, Scopely gain largely by the amount of cans that players then have to buy to compete with the ‘hacker’.

Just stop a moment to think about it everyone.

What’s more likely:
A) A person logging into and hacking this game for 3 years despite constantly being banned and gaining nothing in game for their hacks… again, i’ll repeat - for 3 years, gaining nothing but repeating the same thing again and again. And not moving onto other games but staying on the same game for all that time (not sure if any of you know any hackers, but of the two I have known in my time, they don’t seem to have the personality to get stuck on one thing but like to branch from one thing onto another and leave previous hacks behind).

Or B)

Scopely create an account to push for prizes to try and make players spend money on cans. Bear in mind we are not talking about most businesses here, but Scopely who show their shady side multiple times a week.

This isn’t tin foil hat stuff here. This is looking logically at which of the 2 seems the most likely.

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