Look how quiet the forum is

Do you really believe nobody is talking about yesterday’s debacle? We’re being buried and personally I’m not willing to let scopely off that easily


They have b@n a few people thats why its quit

I’m surprised at this point that anyone would care. They have no community left if the keep at it, forum admin will be talking to itself


Had seventeen posts from yesterday hidden from the moderators. They know what they are doing, they just lack the spine to say anything.


I think everyone’s annoyed and what’s making it worse is they’re trying to silence anyone from venting that frustration within the community. This company is damaging in every way. Financial deceit is bad enough but they they’re going to manipulate, lie, gaslight and silence their victims? They’re vultures


wouldn’t be much of a conversation if the forum admin was left to talk to itself… more a battle of silence as they don’t speak anyway lol


They probably don’t feel the need. They know we’re not leaving the game if we’re still here at this point.

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The forum was offline for about 5 hours.
Actually looks like the right steps in the wrong way. :joy:

what was the debacle yesterday?

Silence is deadly. Long time ago, in NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt to Jeff Gordon, “as long as they either cheer or boo you it doesn’t matter, for they acknowledge you”, when the silence comes is when to be worried.
When the forums go silent be very worried, for then the end is s truly upon us.

Scopely website is down as well

No, scopely has b@n multiple forum users from accessing here. My IP from my original account poopaboo has been blocked. Unbelievable

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I was referring more to the fact that every single post about it mysteriously vanished

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B@n hammer

Same here, i’m already talking to google about this

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Apple said there’s nothing they can do. My lawyer said I can put them in my lawsuit against scopely for not protecting their consumers and allowing these practices


Don’t question scopley or toc
If you get fla@d don’t then ask why it happened
Repeatedly asking or repeating you post or you will get the hammer.
The system set in place from offer gate when had a different cm “k” watch your words.

We knew this would happen again.

Also got briefly suspended. I guess this is not the end though.

I was b@nned about 4 times during that fiasco.

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