Look fixit you cant deny cardholders their accounts

Look man, who keeps their account code? I have all the other information requested. Broke my old phone. It was associated withal fake Facebook, yet I have all my google play transactions and reciepts documented. I deserve my account back, I paid money on it, that is theft! My IP reflects my account, my information does, my faction would even say this is me, I have all my relative information in orderand can answer it easily. I want my account back, I paid money for this game. Do not steal from me.


A moment of silence for this man

When this happened to a factionmate of mine he just sent a message to support from his new device asking them to transfer his account. All he had to provide was a screenshot of his profile and a recent receipt.

Keep fighting them but do it during the week, weekends are full blown pancake says at Scopely at home.

Great response Scopely! Ive had many negative thoughts of you, but IMO it was a timely response and successfully answered. Glad to be back! Thank you!


You won’t get answer anyway, best thing is to refund what you can. Or try with those receipts and transfer game according to payments, since account code is démodé these days.

Wow, even with FB and receipts they won’t restore? There are no words for how wrong that is.

Well I’d certainly recommend using a Facebook account you actually know the password to.

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@CombatMan,would you care to comment on the fact that others have been able to retrieve accounts in the past without purchase or Facebook and now this is required, yet this was never communicated to the community? We have players who lost 2 years of work building their accounts because of this and @kalishane will not believe that this was the case in the past despite numerous players informing her it was. Thank you very much for your insight.

The only comment I’ll make is that it’s important for CS to have information that only the owner of the account would have so that users don’t get scammed out of their accounts. I have no ties to any of that process myself, though (CS).

And as an end user of mobile games, I link my account to accounts that I personally have sole access to, especially when money is spent on the game.


Thank you for your reaponse. Currently CS will not restore without a purchase receipt or linking to FB, and that was never relayed to the player base. This is causing problems and if they are supposed to help without those items, then they are refusing to do their job. If that is the new policy it was never communicated to the player base and is causing problems. Unfortunately I know of one person that has contacted support over 100 times now and no help at all. Once again, thank you very much for the prompt response, very refreshing.

Only problem with this is… it wasnt always this way… accounts were recovered in the past without FB…

And… Scopely’s communication to the player base, suuuuuccccckkkkkssss… @Kalishane

This is the problem @CombatMan. Support will not give any other answer than the above. This was not the policy in the past and nothing was communicated to the community. The above player would have made a purchase to assure restoration if he had known. He can’t link to Facebook because an old account is linked and he couldn’t link a second.

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