Look at the SR rewards

These are are good rewards finaly

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are we looking at the same rewards?


I know right they are not good. Basically 100 sclass items


Rank rewards are very meh. Milestones seem decent, finally collectibles in milestones and alright amounts if you can finish.

Rather keep to my torches and arena ticket tbh don’t have timers on them to claim unlike these spiders

If scary doll is available 10 times then the milestones are definitely worth it

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But not any in sr and they expire in 15 days, of course a comm scopely would solve this. But that’s asking too much

They’ll certainly be available ten times, the question is at what price (I’d assume they drop from premier, timer seems to be about as long as that wheel would be up + 1 day for collecting.

But even 100 collectibles is not nothing - it’s almost as much as a full torch map run by itself.

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Not to mention, if my math is correct, there are roughly only 1400 cards for her available out of the 10k needed to get the 2 5* that need to be maxed 6* and the s class version.

And then you wake up

I swear some people cant math for their life.

So let me point out

Sr completion 1,000 spiders

10 x 10 cakes = 100 cakes

If you get 10 scary dolls possibly paid for eventually

10 x 60 cakes = 600 cakes

Just winning last sr which is easier gave you 1,000 cakes or s class items

Also due to scopely increasing the meta again and again so quickly we finally have gear rewards but winning 1st place gets you 10 of the gears at tier 4 not gps canteen … its decent as it cost 60,000 league points BUT due to scopelys meta change you need 30 for an a class toon … right direction but at a snail’s pace.

You need to push for competion and boost high progression rewards for the players

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What cakes! :rofl:

What happened to your old account?

Only one person can win, everyone can potentially get the milestones. That is huge. If you had a hundred cans saved up, and someone else had or bought 110, you’re SOOL and get nothing for many many months worth of preparation. Here, if you’re good enough, you get it all. This is huge.

I need a lot of those helmets so I guess I’m gonna try for first

If the dolls are f2p and that is a big if, if you get all 20 crates and claim all Dai Yu cards, you can get 2800 Dai Yu cards. This “can” and that is a big can, can be a step in the right direction.

Fifteen days to do it

15 days to keep an eye out for a gate

Lol true

PM me when the gate happens, don’t tell Scopez