I don’t want to think I’m blaming you I just wanted to point out that it was a known thing for days. Only the last 24hrs did they care.

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They didn’t mind taking peoples real money from rolling back Andrea. I consider myself lucky because the only decent thing I lost was about 60 benedicts


Good the game doesn’t need anymore crybaby snitches

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Yea word that’s some real rap right there mean while the same problems we been having for the last year persist

We were locked into faction events before that so no-one knew you could claim in multiple factions across your region until about 24 hours ago. But scopely really should have been less naive than they were about this. Of course if you could claim it multiple times people would do so, and it was made worse by the lack of minimum score needed to unlock the milestones in the first place. If they’d had that, it wouldn’t have been as widespread.

And Thank you for confirming you don’t blame me for this. Much appreciated. For too much hate in this place. :joy:

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