Longest you have had a trained 5* toon not maxed?


I was looking through my roster and saw Wilkins.

I’ve had him for probably 8 months now and he’s still not maxed…
I try to make a effort to get them maxed and move on but for him it just hasnt happened.
There’s quite a few in the 40s-60s but he has definitely been there the longest.

So who’s the 5* you have had for ages…started on but never finished?


Drop lead zeke. First ever 5* so probably just under a year old and still only at 72


Almost my entire roster. I can make do without that minor stat difference.


Lol 2 years



That would make me crazy.
It already is.
Once they get to 80 I feel like there complete.

6*s on the other hand I haven’t been bothered about.
Tier 4 anyway. Got to 50s and stopped’.


I think Vernon. Got him in august 2016 as war prize, he didn’t pass tier 1 so far.


My First 5* from Prestige. Got him in October 2017 :neutral_face:


Picked Dwight but never used him


Since this guy debuted. Command Jesus came out about a week later, and Dwight was immediately an afterthought. I only recently got him to t4 solely for lvl up pts. He was the first 5* green hurt/heal, iirc.


a lot and since the beginning. i only tier if i needed the card. this goes way back to when i first started playing since we were gated for gear way back when too; yes t2 max was a thing. as of right now? i probably have over 50 epics still sitting at t3 max; used to be way more than that, but the new t3 max for me is a maxed epic since ascension. put this into perspective, i have right about 40 legends, but most of em sitting at…guess…t3 max. like i said. i dont tier unless i need it. im all about item conservation.


I bought Annie from the depot during the first anniversary event and only levelled her leading into last Christmas. Drop lead works at t1 l1 as well as at t4 l80


Blue gov (first war prize I think December 2015 ?) Tier 4 level 72


That’s some dedicated underachievement!


Same as me, except my gov is at max T3. Even then I knew he was crap lol.


Shiva Force Zeke. Tier 4 level 77. No interest in the 6* or levelling him more


I have a collection from a while back, oldest are probably from when I won Wilkins, Skylar, and Tara all as war prizes, never really used them but used for level up. I also snagged Green Dwight long ago on sale in the depot for level up and maybe museum, he’s T4 but his rush is 2/12 lol.


Have never felt the need to take him to 80 as he was never a mainstay in my team


That’s a shame, he’s a really good character


The high ar put everyone off lol


2nd epic I got after crit lead Carl. Difference is, I maxed Carl.