Longer raid times


Can we please get longer raid times? I have timed out over 50 times and they usually are right before winning. You can’t increase stats and leadership skills without longer raids.


yes i agree with this, increase the raid time


This is a problem among a ton of other problems associated with changing a bunch of stuff and expecting everything else to be in order.
Examples of this…

  1. Massive amounts of resources needed to lvl up 6*'s yet we have the same town infrastructure we had from 2 years ago.
  2. As mention raid times take longer in light of the fact that toons are beefed up and take a lot longer to finish raids. No you cannot 2 turn a Coral team no matter how hard you make claims.
  3. We pay huge money on toons recently and then these toons become obsolete because of retarded changes. Not caring about your paying customers is going to hurt you… severely.


Not sure how I feel about extending raid times. Heal stall used to be a legit defence technique and I don’t see why it shouldn’t again. Back in the old days before most people had T4’d a five star Morgan with a cleaver could be a nightmare to deal with.


times are fine use better reds with -def vs carl teams lol.


Scopely hq does whatever it wants we are all addicted slaves to this game