Longer raid timer


Please consider changing the raid timer and make it a little longer, now teams are tougher and take longer to destroy combined with the insane rate of ab Def and stun on shields it’s getting harder to beat some of the teams in the time given, twice now I have timed out with my full team still alive cause it’s taken so long to wear down some toons


That’s part of their utility, heal teams, revive teams, etc. are stall teams. They win by running out the clock


-1 part of the draw of having carl lead is the ability to defend raids via timeout. If they lengthen the raid timer then they directly nerf Carl.


I don’t know if you guys/gals remember but time out teams were a thing a long time ago. The timer was fine back then, seems fine now too.


Also -1. I have timed out agains a few teams now. While frustrating if I can’t beat a team in 5 minutes. I don’t deserve to win


Players need to be more creative in their attack teams. I mean mirabell + siddiq should do the trick just fine.


Remember green abe with Dwight’s club? The OG timeout king


Absolutely - to lengthen the time is a nurf for these teams.


Carl lead with either ap down or huge bonus ap atk weapon, combined with negan abs defense, plus crit zeke with abs defense as well, then shiva, and pain split wyatt or hp bonus nicole…typical tank team. But that’s how Carl works! Otherwise Miraboobs will easily defeat him due to trait advantage :grimacing: I think the timer works just fine anyway


I think the timer was increased during war battles, but not during normal raids. There’s still a timer in war, but it seems much longer.


I dont see how adding an extra 30 secs to the raid timer would hurt. It should be extended just a tiny tad…


I agree. No harm in adding 30 sec. to timer.


Nope. Keep it as it is.