Long time player with no clue... Help

Hi Guys,

ok so i’ve been playing for ages without actually putting much thought into things. you know just mashing through things and killing time. now i have a few characters that are ascendable but really only enough medals etc. for one… but which one!!!

Javier definitely

just hold for now. if youre just playing leisurely then its not gonna hurt you to hold those medals. reevaluate when you got a couple pulls from the anniversary wheel.


Part 2

Andrea for sure. Great attacking leader will make your ranged ar’s ready to pop quicker. Not a good def lead but you gotta start somewhere. You can build an offensive team around her. She will also work well with the Lori you already have.

i also have:


all leveled up and ready to ascend?

wouldn’t let me post before…

i would say andrea…but wait for your 3 year pull if u get another range toon (u have 1 range and one melee legendarynow) thats ascendable or may be u get legendary pull then ascend andrea otherwise u can ascend javier

Andrea would be a good choice for you. As others mentioned she’s not great for a defense lead…but you can do Javier next for that.

thanks all, just ascended Andrea. now to work up enough medals for Javier…