Long term future of game looking bleak or not?


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Then what is your failings? Too competitive region? Trash faction? I am definitely in the camp of balancing the distribution of rewards.

But you are too good for your faction. Probably a lot of your faction haven’t scored half your attacks in onslaught. It gets tiring carrying dead weight. If it was your og faction I would understand, but it isn’t, because it was in my og region. My suggestion… Move up to a faction with similar players your level and you will find yourself play less.

Edit… just checked mine vs my faction mates, and probably half is too high.

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He loves to troll. Pay no attention


But he’s not wrong. All it takes is less than 40attacks (10 onslaughts) per person in 2 days to get all faction milestones. Look at how many factions won’t manage to do that.

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If you dont hit 1000 your faction just isnt active it is the facts.

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Agree. Yet many still get #2/#3 rewards which makes no sense

This is a next big step. Regions look dead because there are more regions today then there were 4 years ago. I won’t pretend to have numbers on how many players join vs how many quit but once they opened region transfers everyone more or less spread out.
Again, I won’t begin to pretend like I know how they should handle this or that I have any answers at all, but forcing dead regions to join other regions should be on their radar. Give everyone in the region a free key, open up a window just for them and tell them they all need to move to another region, even give them the option to join any region so they can be wave 1. Then all the accounts that have not moved should be moved manually by Scopely to a Purgatory region that does or doesn’t have events and allow all the players moved there the chance to move out of Purgatory to join active regions.

Once they start clearing out the dead regions then they can start restructuring like they have been doing with the wave system. Have Wave 1 have better region rewards than Wave 2 and Wave 2 have better region rewards than Wave 3. If you want to hang out in a Wave 3 region trying to bank on easy rewards, you shouldn’t get the best rewards. Then you can have all your competitive factions in Wave 1 fighting for the best rewards. Rewards shouldn’t be a huge difference but there needs to be a boost considering competition level.


Game is in a tailspin. Long one but it’s going down.

When it was fun and not a pathetic money suck people enjoyed playing.
Now it’s a slot machine.
.02% chance to get a toon.
100% known for getting screwed.

Agree the graft has increased a huge amount recently, and the stranglehold on things like armoury tokens is only increasing it further, also regions being locked and put into waves is also making people less active and leave , possibly not as much as other reasons but you should be able to go play where you feel comfortable or with friends, not locked in a region where things can get tedious and uninteresting after a while.

Scopely starts giving us double cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets

Thank you for all the opinions. I rightly have no perfect answer as to what would be the right fix, and even if it would work. Mergers do have some unforeseen consequences as does every change that occurs. But sadly the truth is the game is slowly fading away, people are leaving for new or different games. I’ve enjoyed the game for 4+ years and hope for at least another year or two at best

Man you are in a good region mine is just 2 and half factions. Number1 just keep everything to themselves and now no one wants to play.

Merge my dead Azz region please!!!

Oh we are definitely going to hit 1000 with time to spare:

We were 3rd at one point but I’m one of the very few ‘night shift’ players so we’ve dropped in the last few hours.
Onslaught was probably a bad example to use since it’s the only event with decent prizes. All the others though give terrible prizes for the amount of effort put in.

I left the game towards the end of the 5star era for about 15-16months and when I came back my OG faction, of which I had been lead and co at various points, no longer existed unfortunately and almost all of my old friends from the game had quit or moved regions. The faction I used to be part of was the top in what is now a 1A region and had a ton of outstanding players. So I decided to join 2nd on our server, for a short time (5 days) during the transfer window we were 1st after the top left, but then loads of whale factions started to move in so we left Cook for Barrow. Barrow is full of what would be 3rd-5th place factions if they were in 1A, but even many of these, like us, have shed players. Players are dropping everywhere but in the very top factions. I’m messaging leads of other factions losing players suggesting merges and messaging individuals of lower factions who are scoring highly, but to date have received a grand total of zero replies. It’s rather demotivating on the recruiting front when not one single person can be even bothered to reply ‘no thanks’. 8 letters!

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