Long term future of game looking bleak or not?

Alright I’ve been playing 4 years and 1 month now. When I came in there was over 3000 actives in my region. We had 70 good factions fighting and warring. Two years ago the numbers dropped to around 725 region population, this is when I started noticing drop in players and factions. Fast forward to today and the average amount of players in the three regions i have is about 285(+/-10), factions are down to about 5-7 good factions. Note only one of three is active, other two are occasionally played.
With this continued decline, soon the faction system
Will break, and it will turn into just stragglers hanging around. Eventually this trend continues the game will end whether we like it or not.
Best thing I guess we can hope for is forced mergers, but at some point, this game will end, even if scopely does fix things, Decline will occur.

Am I right?
I plan on sticking around as long as I can, but I’ve come to accept this fact.

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The game’s becoming more of a 2nd work and is like a 2nd house in terms of cost.

So, yeah, people are leaving.


Becoming? It’s been like that for a long time.

Having said that I actually think it’s easier to be FtP now than it used to be. I used to feel like I had no choice but to spend to keep up, but now I haven’t spent in months and I’m competing at a level I’m happy with.

Or maybe my standards/expectations have dropped 🤷


Part of it is the players’ fault. They sit in dead factions. I’ve tried recruiting a lot of straggler active players in dead factions and they won’t move.

Scopely should take responsibility for disbanding inactive factions, not leaving it to the players and they should merge a lot of regions. The overly complex wave and transfer rules don’t help. They should also remove disincentives for manipulating league rankings, relegate players who just aren’t playing back down to bronze and make more inter-league, rather than inter-region.

Blitz on Monday will just show how dead some of these regions are and they should look at their MI to work out what to do next.


People think this will bring life to the game, this will kill it faster and this isnt the answer, scopely is trying this with waves. The answer is updating the game to the s class era, fixing bugs, not starving gear, making fun and fair events, giving good rewards in tournaments, etc. Taking everyone and throwing them into forced regions will see the biggest exodus to date.


It’s past time to combine dead regions


Can’t merge unless they at least overhaul the prize structure to accomodate larger regions. Especially as there’s such a large drop off into nothing prizes

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Every games future is bleak and this one has had a long run

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Yeah merging those two factions max regions is really a big deal. I bet we can guess parker is hiding in dead region collecting fake rewards. We are 1st of 2 whoo hoo.

And you don’t think that even in that extreme example, a faction consistently getting 2nd place prizes wouldn’t then start getting disenchanted at getting 4th place prizes?

A 5th place faction suddenly getting 11th? A Rank 35 player starting to get Rank 112? When you realise the prizes drop off into insignificance despite the increased effort for them, your point falls apart.

And hardly hiding. I’m still in the region I started in and we’re not 1st. I’m making an observation based on the prize structure outside the top spots. Sorry if that ruins your narrative you hoped to create.


I almost agree with that statement…

A Second House is atleast something you can touch and get gurantee, without RNG :wink:

Oh well sucks to have to compete prizes. They will either adapt or move out.

Consistent moving around isn’t an option for F2P factions. Nor is it an easy option with transfer windows or transfer waves. Problems arise if efforts do not equal prizes. Solo rank reward brackets were shrunk down a few months ago. They would have to be expanded again.


I don’t mean move region I mean leave game. You put out mcdonalds effort you get mcdonalds rewards. It is amazing how badly people want things they dont earn and defend it.

Lol. The question isn’t about the effort. It’s the returned reward in question.

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I do think going from 2nd to 5th would be demoralizing yes. Reward structure should be improved. But isn’t the wave restriction in large part so that a top fac won’t sit in a dead region for easy rewards? But then they put some pretty dead regions in 1a so idk.

Because the coddling of this game is unreal. If they had real regions they could have real prize structures. You have some regions with 10 tough factions vs ones with two getting same rewards, of course it isnt going to work. First step is killing the dead regions people are hiding in then you can move forward with prize structures.

So you’re not disagreeing with what I said? You can merge regions as long as it’s paired with prize structure changes


The prize structure needs to change regardless of moving or not. It is an absolute joke that sr scores of under 2 mill got top rewards while 5mill+ got shafted.

McDonalds effort? I’ve been on all day playing onslaught and put in a huge amount of time for almost every war yet the prizes are woeful all the same. You call that McDonald effort? This attitude that players don’t put in enough effort in such an insanly time consuming game is just disgusting.