Long blitz war 15 chars


1 day and at least 16 hours seems a little long for a blitz war no ?


Is there anything you don’t complain about?


I think you should read my posts more slowly in the future, I’m hardly complaining in my previous posts, more having an open discussion with our cm about things

And this post ; that you’ve so graciously blessed with your presence is quite simply, stating the length of the blitz war, I haven’t said OMG THIS IS TOO LONG , or WOW A 40 HOUR BLITZ WAR SUCKS OMG IT’S A TRAVESTY

No, I’ve simply posted the duration and said “seems a little long for a blitz”

So if you look at “seems a little long” and see a complaint, please never work in retail or any customer orientated position


Maybe you’re so used to complaining that you can’t recognize when you do it anymore. Your post literally provided no value to the forum.


Maybe if you don’t have anything productive to add to the conversation you should just not comment at all

Mama always said “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

So if all you’re gonna do is bring negativity here , go elsewhere, k ? Thanks


Too long especially it’s crw right around the corner … war gets boring as well anyone know if the rewards are cut and paste as usual


Is this where we come to complain?




It would seem so lol


Wow trash rewards … as usual thanks for the post no reason to even play


Is it longer than usual blitz yes, am I saying its a bad thing no. Guys on both ends this isn’t really worth squabbling about? It’s a forum, let’s discuss and if we can’t, at least agree to disagree.


They might as well not run any event with those rewards … I would rather do sr


I agree it’s too long for ehat prizes it is , it’s the length of war eith the prizes of blitz war

I’m not bothered because either way, it’ll be an easy win and mediocre prizes regardless of the length .

I was just saying , 40 hours seems long for a blitz war is all .


I agree longer than usual, but more time for you to hit your milestones and sit back on cruise control unless your fac needs a filler.


I finish work today and off for 4 days so the extended war gives me more time to play Xbox

I love war, I enjoy it , as you said , a little longer than usual.


I only play this game, so it’s this or criminal minds and horror movies lmao.


A good horror movie is so rare to come by these days , most rely on the occasional jump scare or “based on a true story”


I play another game call dokkan battle , it’s a dragon ball game , collect characters and fight bosses and stuff, another gacha game lol


The other VK says 24 hours


I like Weapon tokens,
Been saving mine for updated wheel.

But alittle lite on Elite tokens…I mean there quite easy to get and only give trainers and gear.