Lol why scopley why

Hey next time you make a roadmap to claim a free toon you might want to make it so we can claim the toon … Unreal lol

Completed the museum collection cant even pick james or crista

It’s in a choice box that goes into your inventory…


So weird smh lol. .thanks


No problem

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Ive been busy all day just logged in to find the map up and why make it a museum collection that says pick one … Kind of common sense that most are gonna be like wtf … Sorry as much as i may seem to be on here i dont have time read everything and know every aspect of this shit game some of us do have real lives bro


Why are you so aggressive tc

Seems like these choice boxes are the new cool thing to do. I don’t mind them except you know I mostly blind In the game shut down sometimes after I screenshot to blow up what I’m looking at LOL.

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Jeez no reason to be aggressive

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You’re a seni troll aren’t you @kookland?

what is seni meaning and no i am not a troll

Neither of these have anything to do with this post… The crate didn’t show up in his inventory until he actually went to look for it. That’s a big in the game, it has nothing to do with not knowing how to play and nothing is written about this.

He meant to say senile i guess.
I am pretty sure there is no need for unwarranted rudeness and personal attacks here.

Edit- @LadyGeek please look into this unneeded trolling, rudeness and personal attacks from Kookland account.

you should read the official post

Just from linited use of the forums you go at leople sometimes ergo anove who didnt say anything you, but there may be a beef which warrants it. Semi would mean ttoll when the opportunity presents itself unlike some who troll everything you at least make a point

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You guys are super rude to kookland
Fl@gs shouldnt be used when you dislike something either.


Agreed but there was no need for he too be rude and aggressive in the first place so it is really common sense to say he deserves it

He made a joke :woman_shrugging:
I laughed


Long live Kookland.
Ya…I said it
Hes funny and I want to see if his mustache ever becomes a beard