Lol! Priya next Promo

Grind for nothing… Smh. One step forward, three steps back.


They’ve been doing that with all of the recent promos.

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Hey now people can claim the museum reward!

Can someone explain what does this mean?

you can pull priya as a 5 or 6 star in the next wheel.

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Ah okay. I misundestand the term of promo and legacy. Thanks

Get ready for full on s class toons to come to the wheel lol just like 6* did

This is actually the first time an S class promo has come back around.

I would expect more of them to come around again. At some point, they’re going to run out of 6* they can promo, and suspect there may be people who are not willing to spend $2000 on a toon but would do a big pull or two once they’re close.

4 more runs of Michonne X roadmap and I can actually claim Priya and get both the Amber/Priya bonus. Dope

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So are those of us that actually grinded for s class Priya going to get credit for her 6 star in the cake collection? @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

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Nope. Their answer was the red velvet 28 collection. You need to get your S-Class Priya to tier 4 level 90 in order to claim that collection instead (even though you obviously already fulfilled the requirements of the red velvet cake 26 collection…twice)

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