LOL - icecream rewards!

3x in a row… Come on man… zzz bullshit. And this is “hard” level image


Okay then

I’ve gotten 200 both times I’ve done it.
It’s really annoying that epic Priya costs 4k cones when the other 2 S-Class only need 2k


Priya 5star - 4k ice cream x 2
Priya S - 2k ice cream
Total 10k

Raulito 5star - 2k bullets x 2
Raulito S - 6k bullets
Total 10k

They cost the same, but given we have daily roadmap for ice cream, Priya is easier to get than Raulito or any of the other toons


Well - easier and easier Idk, if you
Get 50 ice cream each time, it will take forever… haha


Not so bad


I’ve got 2x 200, 1x 100 and 5x 50 it’s expected I feel like :confused:

Second pull today

I actually got 800 today… was very surprised

Got 800 400 and then only 50

Won the big lottery and you’re now 4% there.

That’s like getting triple 7 on a slot machine and winning $3.50… except pixels have no value

Same boat man I get 50 most of the time I think i got 100 once

LoL 5 in a row with 50 ICEcream haha

Yeah people over 50 should be happy I got lucky on surprise bag and got 500 torches. Run the map probably 10 times now and you guessed it 50 every time.

Those special territories helped a lot, got over a thousand ice creams from it

FINALLY a little luck… I have Bruce Allan & Cooper… so 1100 Ice Cream from this… But ofc. I dont have Harper, but 1100 Ice Cream are better than NONE!

Nice - so we only need 6400 Ice Cream to S-Class Priya

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