Login Tolkens for october

Does anybody know if we’ll get a chance to purchase the login tolkens? I transferred regions and lost about 7 days of logging in and will now miss the chance to get the ascendance medals if not.

Prob not, but if you are doing the halloween event you do get legendary tokens from museum every day & also the sr depot has them.

Thanks, but it takes forever for those to accumulate. These would be large quantities

you can get legendary medals?

Dang, how? I’ve gotten nothing but trash so far…

oh…lmao, my faction wasn’t great…that explains why we didn’t get any

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If you head to your local book store, plenty of Tolkens for sale :rofl::rofl:



I worry about some of the people on here lmao

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Exactly what I was going post

Thank you :slight_smile:


Wish there was a disclaimer about this before I transferred…

Pretty sure there is…

thanks for making me look like an idiot lmao…I assumed that was part of those “stash collections” you can buy

wish I had actually figured out that was the login stash and not the stash’s that you pay coins for, ugh

At least taking that screenshot gave me the chance to see that my faction took one of the training speed up territories and add to the queue before it expired.

Silver lining

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