Login Tokens Expired

3 of mine expired.

Thanks for the time to claim, Scopely.

Nice to have so many plates to spin and no reminders or anything as to which ones are about to fall and break.

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Well that’s on you, should have seen the timer.


Fall under a bus, please


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: big mad


I did say please.


He’s not wrong… there was a timer on the stash.


…Which was one of several timers on several events in a game full of timers

Obvious platitudes add nothing to the original point: too many things to keep track of with minimal assistance to the players in events which are close to expiration.

Other games do a better job of this.


Well just like… look at the timers… what’s else can be done about it.


I agree with the frustration but I also feel if you are playing this game you should be aware of what’s going on. Unless your playing it on a very casual level then you do tend to be unaware of what’s going on or you just don’t care. Either way you didn’t miss out on much.

People around here never show any signs of sympathy only apathy towards another person’s plight.

Just because we know the game is flawed doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect better. For an example, your dentist will call the day before your appointment to remind you even though you made it weeks earlier. Why shouldn’t we expect the game to do the same. It’s called a courtesy.


Sure, other games warn players, but you already know this one doesn’t. It isn’t exactly like they’ve been warning players for a while, then it didn’t work for this event.

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I mean it was called a 7 day stash :woman_shrugging:t3:


Or maybe I’d like people to take responsibility for their own faults. When I forgot to hit the 1.25mil milestone, I didn’t complain that Scopely didn’t warn me about the LU ending. It was my fault, not theirs.


I don’t expect much sympathy. Much easier for unhelpful, self-righteous folks to crawl out of their holes to say why they think I’m wrong.

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And this system is bad, hence my post.

Not a difficult point to grasp.

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You had no problem trying to shift the blame to them. I don’t see why you finding fault in Scopely is not equivalent to others pointing out that you’re at fault.

Could the system be improved to provide warnings for players? Sure. But your post is more so a “blame game” rather than a “suggestion for improvement.”

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You had 3 days worth why did u wait to stack them instead of just pulling when u got them? So yes I’d say this is your own fault


Lol is this for real? You want a message sent where that the stash is expiring? When you claimed them, go to the stash and open them… I don’t understand.


Don’t ever talk to that guy. He looks to start arguments. Total waste of time.

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You told me to go under a bus, what is your point? Quite frankly, you got it easy in terms of the berating this forum is capable of.

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